Breastfeeding Carnival: Day 11

Welcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

This post was written as part of The Breastfeeding Cafe’s Carnival. For more info on the Breastfeeding Cafe, go to For more info on the Carnival or if you want to participate, contact Claire at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com. Today’s post is about the importance of breastfeeding. Please read the other blogs in today’s carnival listed below and check back for more posts July 18th through the 31st!


Importance of Breastfeeding: Why is breastfeeding personally important to you? Who helped you to first see why breastfeeding would be such a benefit? You know what they say–there’s nothing like word of mouth.

 Breastfeeding is important to me because it’s not easy to do at first, and I did it.  I had problems with my first and last babies, and I still made it to nurse them the longest.  It means that I’m giving physically of myself to my babies.  My first and last are both comfort nursers, and to see how happy it makes them when they are done warms my heart.  I also am a “lazy parent” and love that I can travel at a moment’s notice without preparing any bottles!



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