Breastfeeding Carnival: Day 4

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Language and Breastfeeding: Most people don’t realize how their language can influence our ideas of breastfeeding. Do you feel this is an issue in our society? If so, how can we change our language to rid our community of the bias against breastfeeding? How do you feel breastfeeding is portrayed by the language in our media?

Breastfeeding in the media is a complicated issue. Until VERY Recently, most articles downplayed breastfeeding and included disclaimer language that formula can be just as good. Most articles today (2011) are very positive for breastfeeding, though “woman sprays deputies with breastmilk” is the number one hit for breastfeeding as a search term, at least no one in the articles were calling breastmilk a biohazard, as has been said in the past. However, the old habits still creep in.

In reports on formula, the benefits of breastfeeding are often glossed over or buried at the end of the article (See: ,, which often goes unread by those with short attention spans.

Go to FOXNEWS.COM and do a search for breastfeeding. What’s the first article that pops up? “Breast feeding mom smothers baby after getting drunk.” One of the top results as of July 5, 2011 on Google News is an artist depicting herself breastfeeding an adult male—which seems to be the image on everyone’s mind whenever they see someone breastfeeding a toddler.

But while the mainstream media has jumped on board, the non-mainstream media has not. Do you remember Michelle Bachman calling Michelle Obama’s campaign to encourage breastfeeding “social engineering” while Sarah Palin joked that under Obama, the price of milk is so high, women better breastfeed?

And then we all know how Facebook bans any picture of a breastfeeding mom as “obscene” while allowing drunk college girls to post all-but-the-nipple pictures.

I’m confident however, that with mainstream media coming around, the fringes will become even more, um, fringy and will look like the fear mongers they are.

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5 responses to “Breastfeeding Carnival: Day 4

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  4. Motherhood: Deconstructed

    Very interesting how the media presents breastfeeding- not so subtle when you pay attention to what they are broadcasting. I always find myself furious after watching the news these days, especially when it is about parenting- it’s seems to work against anything we should be building up. Grrr.

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