What the heck happened last night, little boy?

You were so, so tired at 9pm that I thought you’d sleep through the night, but then at midnight, just after I fell asleep, you started tossing and turning and tried to nurse yourself back to sleep (which is really sweet).  And after an hour of that, I tried to get you to watch quiet cartoons, and you wouldn’t unless I sat up and you sat between my legs and leaned against me like an easy chair watching Iron Giant, while I tried to dose with a blanket on my head to shield my eyes from the brightness.  Then you were acting so cranky tired, but just couldn’t go back to sleep even with the television off until three hours had passed and at that point my eyes hurt to open!  Now I’m at work and you may be still asleep in our cozy bed with your dad, which just isn’t fair, especially when I have no caffeine at work!



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