More on ADHD

My ADD is somewhat manageable. If I make lots of lists & give myself alarm reminders, I can manage. In college, I had my trusty Day Runner to keep my school & work straight. At work, I have Outlook, plus paper lists, plus my iPhone!

My daughter has ADHD. she gets the “crazy eyes”. To talk to her, I sometimes have to hold her face in my hands to get her to hear me.

She also is reckless and always has been. Several times, she has wrenched her hand out of mine and dashed into the street, alley, or parking lot. We bought a horse backpack with leash to keep her safe. Recently, as I called her to come inside, she turned her bike from sidewalk into the street right in front of a car. Luckily, I yanked her back and she didn’t get hit.

Is this recklessness from the ADHD? if it is, would it be better to medicate & keep her alive? Will she get more reckless as she gets older?

I’ve made a doctor appointment to discuss with him, but it will take patience and research, too.



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