Friday Five Links

Since my first child was born, I have seen two movies in the theater: Wall-E and The Princess and the Frog.  I loved both movies, but I’d also like to see some child-inappropriate films, too.  I usually wait until they come out on DVD, but sometimes I can’t wait to see what happens, so I keep up on the new releases by visiting Read detailed spoilers of all the new movies out there, including the independents!

I also don’t get to keep on television shows the way I used to.  I mostly catch them on DVD later if I didn’t pick them up with my TiVo on first run.  One place to go to read about TV and discuss episodes is  It’s not the same site it was ten years ago (when I was on the forums ALL. THE. TIME, but it’s still one of the best television sites out there.

Okay, so you have to pay for the service, but is great for watching the old shows and movies you’ve missed via the internet or your TiVo.  The Instant database is growing very day (Yay, for adding Muriel’s Wedding recently), or you can subscribe to DVD service as well and get those shows and movies not yet on instant.  I pay less than $10/month for one DVD at a time + instant viewing.  Worth every penny.

Project Gutenberg.  Most people already know about this, I think. Lots of free reading.  And now you can download to your portable reader (iPad, Kindle).  I don’t have the money to buy all the books I want, and I there are thousands of books I haven’t read included in Project Gutenberg.  There are the well known authors (Charles Dickens, Jane Austen), but also has authors I’ve never heard of like Scifi writer C.C. MacApp (still not convinced his name isn’t a hoax somehow or children’s book author Alta Tabor (illustrations included).

 Here’s another pay-for site for those of you who miss playing computer games.  I was a big fan of the Baldur’s Gate/Icewind Dale types of RPG’s.  Fantasy.  Violent.  Can’t play those around my kids, so we have the next best thing You can create up to six cartoon characters (short fat dog, tall skinny pig) with three or four choices for body, head and legs for each animal you can choose from.  I was a medium sized duck named Momo McChomp.  You fight “Cogs” using “gags” like seltzer bottle, squirty flower, portable holes etc …  You team up with other players to defeat cogs and have to work together (in the harder levels, you often have to work with your team to defeat the Cogs by having someone throw a portable hole, and you pull the Cogs forward with a fishing line or magnet.  You can also go fishing to earn jellybeans to buy more gags, play games that don’t involve defeating cogs, explore your home, the neighborhoods etc…  Chat functions can be turned off for children, or limited to set phrases like “good job.”  The whole family will crowd around watching each other play this one, and with the littler ones, we stick to just game playing with no Cog fighting.  Free subscription includes one character and limited play, but can be just as fun.


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