Thursday Thoughts for the Weekend.

It is admittedly hard for me to think of fun weekend activities when my house is a disaster. THIS weekend will be all about picking up the house. All of my kids are off school, and they’ve been having a blast with their dad, which means more and more mess piling up in their room. At 4am last night, I was up and cleaning their bathroom because I was so disgusted. They drop their toothbrushes on the floor all the time, and then insist we buy new ones (4 for $2—snoopy toothbrushes). When I told them to clean the bathroom last weekend (which is mostly picking their clothes up of the floor), I discovered last night they just shoved everything into the cupboard under the sink! AAAaarrrggghhh!

One thing we can do, and so can you, is have a family sleepover! In this, once the room is cleaned, we clear a big space. If you use the living room, push back your furniture. In our house, the masterbedroom has a big space in the center, so we could use that, too. Lay out sleeping bags, air mattresses if you have them, pillows and blankets if you don’t have sleeping bags. Eat pizza. Pop popcorn (use Jiffy Pop so the kiddos can watch the pan grow), make giant ice cream sundaes, watch movies. Have pillow fights. Play board games if you’d like. Stay up late and all of you fall asleep together in one big room.

In the morning, get donuts. Spend the rest of the day eating vegetables and fruit to give your stomach a break!


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