Responding to the Republican Debate*

Republican debates and the Tea Party were not about solutions, but about bashing the President and stirring up anger. 

Where were all of these Republicans when Bush was screwing up the economy for eight years?  Who called for him to resign?  I remember when criticizing Bush was forbidden.  Even the press gave him a pass because the Cult of Bush convinced people to criticize him was to criticize “‘Merica.”  Where was the Tea Party then?  Our country was spiraling downward and no one said a word about Bush.  My Republican father-in-law was getting conservative newspapers during the Bush years that STILL bashed on Clinton years after he was out of office because Republicans need someone else to blame and to attack.  It’s like World War II, when political cartoons exaggerated the “enemies” characteristics in order to unify the country in defeating Japan, Germany and Italy.  The Republicans use hate and fear to unite their party.  Democrats are not united.  They should probably start reminding people about the Bush years and how awful it was and how much damage it did to the country.  Not just to our economy, but to our reputation.  Americans are cowboys who follow their own rules.  If the Republicans can criticize the president for being calm under pressure, for not being emotional, for being intelligent, why can’t the Democrats remind people of the cowboy president who said the most insane things, was NOT intelligent, was NOT calm under pressure.  Why have they allowed Bush to be swept under a rug?

AND, I still haven’t heard any real solutions from the Republicans.

*They are not a Grand Old Party.  Just an Old Party.


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