Geeky mom

I didn’t make a conscious decision to be a geek the way girls do now. I don’t know when I decided that geeky things were cool. In the 70’s, I didn’t like Shaun Cassidey, I liked Han Solo. I loved Battlestar Galactica instead of Charlie’s Angels. I was jealous of the kids on Wiz Kids who had their own computers. I would have sold my soul for a commadore 64 or even an Atari.

I competed with other geeks to know more than them about Star Trek when it wasn’t cool.

What made me, a girl, read comic books and look with disdain on people who didn’t?

Why wouldn’t anyone NOT like firefly, Martian Chronicles, or Trek?

I wonder if it was Star Wars that kicked the whole thing off. I was 6 when it came out, and it and the sequels defined my childhood in a way that Disney Princesses have defined my daughters’ childhoods.

I was a Jawa for Halloween, and my sister was an amazing Tuskan Raider. My dad put together our costumes, and they were fantastic! My dad loved Star Wars, & took us to the drive-in every weekend that summer. I would watch it while eating my salami sandwhich from The Alps Deli in Fremont, CA. Then I’d nap during the second movie (except when it was played with Logan’s Run). For most of the summer, it was a double feature with Jacque Cousteau. Then my dad would wake me up for the second showing of Star Wars, when I’d stay awake long enough to see the cantina scene. Then I’d sleep and at some point, my parents drove home and pit me into bed.

My dad owned the Story of Star Wars record, & my friends and I would listen to it in the days before video tapes. We had endless arguements on how to properly pronounce Chewbacca’s name (with British accent as Obi Wan pronounced it?) and what color was Leia’s belt.

When Star Wars was aired on television sometime in the mid 80’s, my dad sat there with the corded remote in hand to pause the recording during commercial breaks. It hadn’t been released on VHS, so that home recording was all we had. I watched it everyday that summer. Every. Day.

I learned the words, & still have a hard time watching it without saying all of the dialogue, which drives my husband crazy.
I can’t think of another fad from my childhood that had the impact of Star Wars, so I guess I didn’t grow up.

At any rate, I would rather be a nerd girl, than a Barbie.


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