Friday Five Links

Here are links to some references and resources that have been either valuable or interesting to me as a parent.

Why Babies Should Never Sleep Alone: A review of the Co-Sleeping controversy in relation to SIDS, bedsharing and breastfeeding. By James J. McKenna and Thomas McDade.  I do not believe that a parent needs parenting guides for the most part.  I don’t need a bunch of male doctors telling me how to be a mom.  However, sometimes I like when the male doctors support what I always felt was the right thing to do, and that’s what this paper does for me.  It gave me something to show people who criticized my bedsharing and showed me why it was so normal and natural to me.

Ask Dr. Sears  If only for his Medicine Cabinet which has doses of most medications for children based on their weight.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up dosages for ibuprofen on this website. this site has pictures and questions and answers that I went to on occasion when I had a question or when I just wanted to read about breastfeeding.

Twitter  I wish Twitter existed back when I was first pregnant with my first child—or any of my children!  I discovered Twitter just after the birth of my fourth and final child. Invaluable support among moms.  Mostly civil and kind.  I would have at least considered homebirth had I “met” my Twitter friends before the birth of any of my children.  Need breastfeeding help?  Just tweet it and they will come.

Kids Discuss   I’m a little reluctant to suggest this website, as I haven’t fully explored it.  What I do like is that it has given me a lot of suggestions for fun family activities, songs and poems from childhood.  It also has a lot of parenting articles that I haven’t yet read, so take this suggestion with a grain of salt. 

 What sites were invaluable to you?


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