Saturday Suggestions (or not): Jack in the Box Grilled Sandwiches.

BBQ Bourbon Steak Grilled Sandwich
Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar Grilled Sandwich

In a word. Meh.
In four words, Not Worth The Price.

Jack in the Box introduced most recently the BBQ Bourbon Steak Grilled Sandwich, described on their website as “tender steak, melting American cheese, grilled onions and bourbon BBQ sauce on grilled artisan bread.” It’s a premium sandwich at $4.49. Is it worth it? No. The steak is tender, the sauce is okay, the tastes is fine, but it felt skimpy. I wanted more meat. Definitely think the price should be no more than $3.99 I’d rather stick with my standby, the Sourdough Jack or the Big Cheeseburger. Those give me a more meaty mouthfeel and taste and leave me more satisfied AND save me money! After eating the BBW BSGS, I wanted more food. I try to avoid fries and soda, so I guess it’s down to the vending machine for me later.
(please forgive, I forgot to take a picture).

The Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar grilled sandwich is described as “toasted turkey, bacon and Cheddar cheese with a Sun-dried Tomato sauce on grilled artisan bread”
The sundried tomato sauce tastes weird. The turkey’s texture is . . . spongy. I can’t taste bacon at all, only an overwhelming artificial smoke taste. Ugh, Maybe worth it on a value menu. Not worth the $3.99. I’d say to overhaul this, remove the fancy sauce, add some extra bacon and a tomato and charge the $3.99. As is, maybe $1.99, tops. And remove the sauce.




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