Activities for the weekend.

If you are blessed with good weather, why don’t you try having a “field day” weekend? Remember those Field Days from your school days. Pyramid ball throw. Relay Races. Frisbee Tire Throw. You’d get a ribbon—in my day you actually got first, second, third or nothing, but in my little brother’s day, everyone would get a ribbon. We’ve been doing some of these at home, and my kids have a grand time. It’s not often we parents get silly and run around with them!

Three Legged Race. Tie your leg and one of your children’s legs together with a scarf, rag, handkerchief. I’m sure you can find something lying around. Race another three legged family member. Heck, if you have no one else to race, just make it a game to see how fast you and your child can get to the end of the yard and back. Or if you can even make it.

Stick Horse Relay Race. If you have stick horses (and if you don’t, get them. They are cheap and they’re the one toy my kids keep playing with year after year), race your children around the yard. If you have a lot of kids in the family, you can break into teams and do a relay race. The kids laugh sooo hard at seeing their mom and dad race around like goofballs.

Pyramid knock down. Stack plastic cups in a pyramid shape (I just save ones we’ve used for parties and use them before recycling). You can either throw a ball or use a squirt gun. Whoever knocks over the most with one throw, or in a time allotted for squirt guns wins.

Ball Catch. This one might take some expense. I purchased butterfly nets at the dollar store, and 5 packs of water balls (those balls you soak so they splat when you throw them). Total cost was $6 for three nets and three packs of balls. Throw the balls at your team mate/partner, and they have to catch them with the net. Splashy fun.
Frisbee throw. Hang a tire or hula hoop from a tree. Try to throw a Frisbee through the tire.

Obstacle Course. We happen to have one of those tunnels kids can crawl through, so we add that to our obstacle course. You can do whatever you want, run around cones. Carry an egg on a spoon. Be SILLY! This can be competitive or not. Just seeing their parents belly crawl through a tunnel makes the kids happy. Can be made more silly by tying you and a partner together.

Ball run. Place a medium sized ball (playground ball, soccer ball, those balls you find in large bins at the supermarket) between you and another person. Try getting across the yard without dropping it or touching it with your hands.

Tug o War. One parent per side. In my family, I would team Dad with the littlest one and have me and the two older girls together.

Bean bag toss (or beanie baby, or small stuffed animals, or balls of socks). Find a target, and see who can toss the most into or onto the target.
Play Soccer with a football. American footballs are NOT Meant to be kicked like a soccer ball. Makes for very interesting play.

Hula Hoop Pass. You stand in a line (tallest to smallest works best), and link hands. Then the first person has to put the hula hoop over his head and pass it to the next person without unlinking hands. Very silly fun.

You get the idea! Cheap family fun and you can do it in your yard or at a park. If you’re at a park, you might get some add ons with other kids and parents there!


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