Why I Won’t Fly

Why I won’t fly again.

My parents live far away. If I ever go visit them, it will have to be a 2-3 day drive because I’m not flying. I priced Amtrak, but with the size of my family, we’re looking at needing two family cars, and that is just way too expensive for our budget. So the mini-van it is. Of course, while I have kids restrained in 5 point harnesses, I’m not dragging them into a car for 3 days straight, so any trip will have to wait until the baby is at least in a booster seat.

I won’t fly because I don’t want to be subjected to extra X-Rays. I don’t care how safe they say they are, they are x-rays, and they are inherently not safe. They are not going to be operated by x-ray technicians. They will be operated by TSA employees. I’ve worked with former TSA employees. They are not geniuses. Some of them are smart, some of them are dumb (some of them open your luggage and take pictures of themselves with your stuff. I’ve seen the photos). I don’t know if they are going to triple dose me because they made a mistake or an image wasn’t clear enough. Just don’t like it.

I won’t fly because I don’t want my fat, squishy body mocked by TSA agents, even in their heads! I wear clothing for a reason. I don’t wear tight clothing for a reason. I prefer to use clothes to enhance by good parts (boobs), and flatter by bad parts (everything else). I don’t want strangers gawking at my nearly nude image, even though I know it doesn’t have all the details, I will feel personally violated. My medical files are private for a reason. Why don’t they just have us all strip down to nothing and walk around nude all the time if they’re going to be that paranoid.

I won’t fly because the non-profiling stance is stupid. I don’t want all brown people singled out, after all, there are a lot of white terrorists, but there is a type for terrorists. Look at McVeigh. Look at the Shoe Bomber. Use your fancy computer models and such to work out a profile for a typical terrorist. They don’t tend to be 39 year old women with four children in tow. Don’t need to waste my time and yours by searching all of us, while the 22 year old neo-nazi walks right by.

I won’t fly because after being instructed to remove my jacket, which I did, I was told to stay in a holding area where I was patted down additionally because my sweater was bulky. Because a 39 year old woman carrying a breastpump (which oddly, they didn’t’ care about) is hiding explosives under her sweater.

I won’t fly because patting down a screaming 3 year old is wrong. Now, when we were randomly selected for additional screening, my 1.5 year old was patted down. She didn’t mind, but if she had started screaming like the girl in the video making the rounds, I would have been highly upset. I may not have even gotten on the airplane. The thing is, you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars, and how many people are going to walk away from that expense on principle?

I won’t fly because apparently, if I refuse to be screened, and wish to leave the airport, I won’t be allowed to. “He informed me that I could not leave the airport. He said that once I start the screening in the secure area, I could not leave until it was completed.” (http://johnnyedge.blogspot.com/2010/11/these-events-took-place-roughly-between.html)

I won’t fly because the TSA agents mocked a pregnant woman who asked for the pat-down in lieu of full body x-ray for the safety of her unborn baby. (http://thestir.cafemom.com/pregnancy/109462/pregnant_woman_forced_through_fullbody)

I won’t fly because I don’t want to encounter one of these worst TSA agents of 2008.

I fully understand that the TSA people are supposed to be there for the safety of the people, but what they really are, in my opinion, is Bush’s answer to terrorism. Smoke, and mirrors. It LOOKS like a whole lot of something, but they haven’t prevented much, have they? What have they prevented? Where are the liquid explosives hidden in shampoo bottles? It wasn’t TSA that detected the printer cartridge bombs. It seems like a smokescreen to hide how little protected we really are.

I’m more concerned about shoddy maintenance on airplanes, than terrorists. Can we do something about that?


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