Just look at the word up there. Doesn’t the presence of the word just hanging by itself make you feel a little guilty.

Guilt is powerful and seems to affect women more than men. That is, the guilt for the little things. Guilty I didn’t wash the dishes last night. Guilty I didn’t have clean socks for my husband. Guilty I drove too fast to work. Guilty that I have to take a lunch break during work. Crazy.

Mom’s guilt themselves and others over everything. Breastfeed? Then you should feel guilty for making formula feeding moms feel guilty. Formula Feed? You should feel guilty you’re not breast feeding. Cloth Diaper? You should feel guilty for all the water you waste washing diapers. Disposable Diaper? You know what you’re doing the landfills? Vaccinate. What if your child gets autism? Don’t vaccinate. What if your child gets Pertussis? Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.

I’m tired of feeling guilty. I’m tired of trying to assuage other’s feelings of guilt. I breastfeed. I cosleep. Talking about breastfeeding and cosleeping shouldn’t make you feel guilty. If it does, then breastfeed or cosleep or get over it. Accept your lifestyle and don’t try to guilt me into crib sleeping to make you feel better about your choice. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m going to attack formula feeding, crib sleeping moms. But I should be able to just talk about my choices and why I did it and how hard I worked to do it without making others feel guilty.

Also, some guilt is good. You can’t eliminate all guilt. Guilt is what keeps most of us from shoplifting, from stealing, from cheating, from excessive speeding—even when no one is watching.


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