Breastfeeding Carnival: Child-led Weaning

Nursing in a community that expects me to wean is the easy part.  As I’ve said previously this week, I’m a bit of a rebel, so I don’t want people telling me what I can and can’t do.  I’m going to nurse if I want to nurse, if the baby still loves it.  Each of my children have weaned at a different time.  I nursed my first until she was a bit over 2.  After 1, she mostly just ate at night before bed.  Molly didn’t like to eat solid food much, but she drank milk and ate what she needed to when I was at work, and nursed when I came home, then gradually those feedings dropped off because she wasn’t hungry until it was just the bedtime nursing.  Morgan was forced into weaning when my milk went from ample, to almost non-existent when she was 7 months old. I got pregnant, and the milk just vanished.  I had read that the milk will come back during second trimester, so tried to get her through, but she was crying all the time.  Joe finally broke down and gave her formula.  I tried to nurse her to keep up the demand, but she did NOT want it.  She was fine with formula.  She had also begun eating solid food off our plates.  Morgan was quite an eater.  Maddie was about a year old.  It started when I didn’t pump consistently at work.  I pumped less and less, then Joe started supplementing with formula because it had been so easy for him with Morgan.  She still nursed when I came home and on weekends, but she liked her solid food, so ate quite a bit of it.  Eventually, around a year old, she just stopped asking to nurse.  She seemed content with her solid food. 

Lucas is now 15 months old and still nursing.  He used to nurse 3 times per day during the work week when Joe would bring him to me, now he only comes twice because I work farther away.  He doesn’t need it, though.  He eats plenty of solid food.  But sometimes when he’s playing, he’ll climb up on my lap and point.  He still loves to nurse.  I don’t think it’s all about food with him either.  I dread the day he decides he’s done.  I’m hoping he’ll go to at least two years old.  I won’t force it, though.  I hope I cherish each nursing session as his last.  Making me cry just thinking about it!



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6 responses to “Breastfeeding Carnival: Child-led Weaning

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  4. Amy

    It’s so interesting to hear how every child is so different! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experiences of how you did what worked for each of your children!

  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I too have noticed differences between DD1 and DD2.

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