Nine-to-Five is my fantasy.

9-5 is my dream
I work 7am-6pm. I leave for work at 6:15, and arrive home at 6:45, so my work day is over 12 hours long. When I hear songs or shows reference a 9-5 workday (“You’re still probably working, at a 9-5 pace, wonder how bad that tastes.”), I get a little jealous. Nine-Five? As in I start work at NINE? And I leave at FIVE? And I get paid for a 30 minute lunch? Where do I sign up? I mean, I usually work through my lunch break anyway, so how awesome would it be to be paid for that? Right now, I have an hour unpaid lunch, but I usually only take 15 minute to prepare or fetch food, and spend the other 45 minutes at my desk. I’m so tired when I come in to work that I’m not super productive anyway. Seems like I can get more done in eight hours vs. eleven because I’ll be better rested!

So I get Fridays off. Is this a good thing? If I worked nine-to-five, I would have time in the evenings to cook a proper dinner for my family. I could run an errand before or after work. I’d be less exhausted on the weekend. As it is, I get home at 6:45 and try to throw together a dinner for my kids that isn’t junk food. When we can afford it, we get pizza or fast food because the idea of cooking plus cleaning is daunting. My kids don’t have a good bedtime routine. It’s eat and go to bed. There’s no cuddle time with reading because when I add that to bedtime, we’re looking at school age kids going to bed at 10 pm on a school night! I never get to bed before 11, which leaves me with too little sleep which adds to my exhaustion. My family is in chaos because I’m never home. On Friday, I sleep as late as I can because I’m so tired. I get an errand like grocery shopping done, cook a proper dinner, but really just too tired to do much. The house is usually a disaster from four days of not doing any household chores.

So how is the 4/10 work week a boon to me? I suppose for the upper management that makes good money and has someone to help with housework and can afford to travel, or for people who don’t have housework or family to care for the three day weekend is a time to take advantage of travel deals. We don’t go to the beach on Fridays off because work traffic is crazy. We did it once and it took 2 hours to drive the 40 miles from beach to home.

I’ve also worked 9/80 (7:30-5:30 Monday-Thursday; 7:30-4:30 on alternating Fridays; off on alternating Fridays). That is only a little more relief than 4/10. If you’re going to do 9/80, you may as well do 4/10.

I’ve also done 8-5 which isn’t bad. I’m not a morning person, so eight is definitely a better start time than seven, and I suppose if you want me to work 8.5 hours so my lunch is unpaid, than 8:30-5:00 would be acceptable. But what I really want, is that nine-to-five myth people keep talking about. Where do I go to get that?


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