Breastfeeding Carnival: Family and Breastfeeding

I tend to be sort of a rebel. When my mom complained that I was “denying others the joy of feeding the baby,” It made me more determined to breast feed.  That’s probably weird, isn’t it?  My dad was noticeably uncomfortable with my nursing Molly (baby #1), but I soldiered on.  I have to admit, however, that it was the support of my in-laws that really made breastfeeding work for me.  First of all, I nursed my newborn for the first time in front of my Father-in-Law.  Now, my FIL and I have had an uneasy relationship.  He was totally against my marriage to Joe.  When I converted to Catholicism and got married in the Church, he reluctantly came, but now the birth of his first grandchild seemed to change all of that.  As a first time nurser, I was awkward and exposed a lot more than I do now after nursing four.  He was unfazed.  I didn’t feel awkward or nervous any more than I already did when he was there.  He has been that way all along.  When I was wearing a halter dress and needed to nurse Lucas at his baptism, my sister-in-law helped me hold a sweater over the exposed parts, but when Lucas kept yanking it off, she merely laughed.  Later, at her house, when I was not comfortable with nursing over the top but had to because of the clothes, she was dismissive of my concerns.  It’s family, he’s hungry, what are you going to do?  I can’t imagine what breastfeeding would be like if my in-laws, who I see more frequently than my parents, had reacted the way my own parents did. 

I would like to add that my mother has come around to breastfeeding.  She’s okay with seeing it.  And she is shocked when new moms DON’T breastfeed!  Pretty awesome.



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5 responses to “Breastfeeding Carnival: Family and Breastfeeding

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  4. Its amazing how freeing it is to have supportive people around you. Being a mom is hard enough without criticism… Glad your FIL was so cool about it!

  5. theadventuresoflactatinggirl

    I’m happy that I’m not the only one who breastfeeds around my father-in-law!

    Also, I always think it’s funny when people complain that they don’t get to feed the baby. You can do everything else! Go change her, burp her, bathe her, whatever! Why must you feed her?

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