Breastfeeding Carnival: Babywearing

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We baby wore our first three children. We had tried the Dr. Sears sling, but our first daughter hated it. We tried three other carriers, and we hated it. Then we tried the Baby Bjorn. We loved it. She loved it. It fit her. Molly liked to be carried facing forward, so it worked out best for her. Morgan liked to face our chest, so she faced inward more often. Maddie also liked to face out. I never breastfed while baby wearing. Partly because I have a large chest, so I have to support it with one hand to be comfortable. Baby wearing made going out and doing errands easier. No stroller to hassle with. When we took an airplane and had our laptop, carseat and diaper bag to cart through the airport, wearing Molly was the smartest thing we did.

Lucas didn’t like the Baby Bjorn, and we didn’t try any other carrier. He was either carried in our arms, or in the first stroller we ever purchased (yes, you can raise children without a stroller). Once he learns to hold a hand, he’ll mostly walk or be carried.

As for our family life, I think it’s helped bond my children to their dad. He was normally the one who wore the children, and they loved it. He wore Molly continuously, and learned to empty the dishwasher and do all sorts of chores while wearing her. By the end of the week, his back would be killing him, but I’d spell him for the weekend, and he was back to baby wearing on Monday.

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6 responses to “Breastfeeding Carnival: Babywearing

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  3. Amy

    Thanks for your post! I’ve been trying to convince my family that we don’t need a stroller, so it’s nice to know you made it without one for a while. =)

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