Breastfeeding Carnival: Nighttime Nursing

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The best part of being a nursing mom is nighttime! I was 17 when my brother was born, and I remember making sleepy bottles at 3 in the morning. Getting up, going downstairs, going back up stairs, feeding him, walking him back to sleep, crawling back in bed. With nursing, I never leave the bed. I cosleep, so at first, I would pick the baby up and nurse in a sitting position as I couldn’t latch a newborn on while laying down, but I could close my eyes and doze, then when she was done, I’d lay back down with her. Eventually, I just had to latch her on while laying down and go back to sleep. When I had to make bottles of formula for Lucas, it suucckkeeddd! I hated it. After nursing three children with no nighttime bottles, I didn’t understand why anyone would CHOOSE formula! Why? Ack! I even had a good system to keep me in the bed, and it sucked. I had a small bottle of water I would keep between my breasts to warm it up to body temperature (not terribly comfortable, but not too bad, I’m a D cup, so they are big enough to warm the bottle). And I had formula premeasured in little breastmilk bottles. When he woke up, I’d nurse him first, then I’d mix the bottle right there in bed and feed it to him slowly (I would let him drink a bit, then take it out of his mouth so he didn’t choke, and so he would stop eating when he was done, not just keep drinking because it’s there). I was soooo happy when I didn’t have to do that anymore.

With each child, the nighttime frequency differed. Molly ate every 2 hours until she was a year old. Morgan slept through the night fairly early. Lucas ate about every 2 hours at first, then stretched to about 5 hours now, I think. I don’t always look at the time when he latches himself on. I’ve never once complained about nighttime frequency, though. Cosleeping + Breastfeeding = good sleep!

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