Breastfeeding Carnival: Importance of Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is the most important thing I’ve done for my children and family. Not only have I given my children a loving gesture, I’ve modeled nursing for my daughters. Each one has seen me nurse a baby. My 5 year old showed me her baby doll and said she was going to give her a bottle. “What’s in the bottle?” I asked. “Breastmilk,” she stated. “I pumped.” She and her sisters nurse their baby dolls as well. I had never seen someone breastfeed until I saw myself breastfeed my daughter! So I’m so happy to be that model for my daughters and hope I can help them when they have children some day.

I also enjoy being that example to people when I’m out in public. I nursed my one year old at an open house at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I gaggle of teenage girls stared at me in that way that teenagers think is discreet. I hope that at least one of them thinks of that moment when she has her own child and knows that not only can she breastfeed, but she can breastfeed in public!

As for how it’s important to my child. Nothing, I mean NOTHING makes a baby or toddler happier than breastfeeding. If he gets injured, I can tell how bad it is by whether or not he will nurse! If he’s upset about anything, losing a toy, being woken up by screaming sisters, I can nurse him to happiness. Now, although he eats a lot of solid food, he will crawl into my lap and lay down and whine until I let him nurse. Sometimes, he very politely sits on my lap and points at my breast while looking at my face with his big brown eyes. There is no food he’d rather eat than nurse. I’ve had him want to eat AND nurse, which is not comfortable and it’s kind of gross. I’m really not equipped for milk and cookies!

Nursing the baby makes me feel so super-powered. I have nursed FOUR children! I’ve grown FOUR children in my womb, and fed them and grew them into strong, smart, healthy children. It’s flippin’ amazing!


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7 responses to “Breastfeeding Carnival: Importance of Breastfeeding

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  3. I love the milk and cookies illustration. YOU are flippin’ amazing! Maybe you’ll nurse more? 😉

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  6. That is so awesome! I love that you’re not a milk & cookie kinda person…too cute!

  7. I know exactly what you mean about modeling breastfeeding while in public. Every time I feel afraid to nurse Peanut while we’re out, I think of the people who will see me do it. Yes, some of them will thing it’s bad. Yes, some will think it’s good. But the majority of them will be on the fence about it and I’d like to think that seeing me breastfeed with confidence will be something they look back on when they make the decision for themselves.

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