Breastfeeding Carnvial: Birth Experience

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I’m going to specifically focus on my fourth baby. I had an unscheduled (“emergency”) c-section because the baby wasn’t descending after being induced one week prior to due date. Additionally, I lost a lot of blood, and the doctor did not give me a transfusion (she said she would avoid it unless it was life threatening). I didn’t get to hold Lucas for a couple of hours, and so his nursing was delayed seriously. I was in the hospital for 6 days, and had frequently asked for a lactation consultant, which was not provided to me. I eventually remembered that I had their number from Sweet Success, the gestational diabetes program located right next door to the lactation consultants, so I called them directly. They said everything was fine, when I knew it wasn’t. Lucas never liked to open his mouth wide. I tried letting him scream, didn’t work. Id’ get a good latch for a couple minutes, then he would slip back to painful. I supplemented him with formula by giving him small amounts after nursing to make sure he didn’t get too full. Finally, at one month old, he got it, and we nursed properly. He stopped taking formula, and was 100% breastfed.

I’m convinced that it was the c-section and lack of skin to skin at first that kept him from having a good latch on. I’m also convinced that he was born to early to efficiently nurse. He never would open his mouth wide enough. Even when he was screaming, it wasn’t open very wide. My other children were all induced at 10 days late, so I look at Lucas as being born three weeks too early, not one. Clearly, my children need a longer time in the womb than others. That, with the fact that my body was trying to replenish blood and breastmilk at the same time I think led me to have a lot of difficulties. Had he been my first, I may have quit nursing, but I knew how rewarding and wonderful breastfeeding is, so I persisted. I’m so glad I did.

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