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I have nursed and pumped through all four children. I bought the Medela Pump In Style in 2001 before the birth of my first daughter. The law in California protecting pumping in the workplace kicked in January 2002, while I returned to work in February 2002, so for as long as I’ve pumped, I’ve been protected. There was no pumping room, so I scheduled myself in the conference room in our office three times per day: nine, noon, three. I had to change the way I dressed at work. No more dresses, only pants/blouse combos. I found pumping enough milk took me 20 minutes, though. Molly was barely getting enough food. With my second child, I pumped at work, too. I started a new job as a temp 6 weeks after she was born, and I pumped in the car. As a temp employee, I was not under the California breastfeeding law. I rather liked pumping in the car because I left my pump set up all day. I always hated the packing up the pump. I pumped a lot! I was pumping 6 ounces on each side each time I pumped! The company hired me permanently, and on my first day as a permanent employee, they had a pumping room set up for me. It was an old supply closet with a light and a fan. I rather liked it. It was my own room! However, shortly after getting my own closet, my milk supply stopped suddenly. I was pregnant! I kept pumping for several weeks, and kept nursing, but it was not enough, and she was moved to formula.

At my next job and next baby, I had no conference room to pump in as they were all glass with no curtains. I had no office. When my boss was out of town, I’d shut the outer office door and pump at my desk. When he was in town and his boss was out of town, I was allowed to use his boss’s office. If both were in, I’d pump in my car. My next job gave me my own office, and I’m still sad I never got to pump there as I finally had the perfect pumping spot!

With my final baby, I lived only ½ mile from work. I tried pumping at my desk, but my office mates complained, even though I was in a corner and had a wall between me and them, there was no door. I bought a privacy screen to use, but my office mate still complained to HR as it was “disgusting,” so I was back to pumping in conference rooms and cars. After a month or so, my husband started bringing the baby to me at work, so I nursed the baby directly in the car three times per day. Worked out perfectly! Nursing is much quicker than pumping.

I wish all employers would create a pumping room or have more clear pumping guidelines. It’s very difficult for a woman to assert her rights because we don’t want to look like trouble makers.

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6 responses to “Breastfeeding Carnival: WOHM & Breastfeeding

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  3. I am so sorry you had to deal with a person who thought pumping milk to feed your child was disgusting. How horrible of them!?

  4. It’s so encouraging that you’ve pumped with all your children! And what a wonderful thing for your husband to be able to bring the baby to you 3x per day. I hope work places continue setting up pumping rooms, as it’s not “gross”. I also hope that view goes away!

  5. theadventuresoflactatinggirl

    That’s ridiculous that someone actually called your pumping disgusting! I hate people!

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