Breastfeeding Carnival: Nursing in Public

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After four children, I am a pro and will nurse anywhere and everywhere. What makes it easiest for me is the employees at the establishment. We frequent Red Robin in West Corona. I tell them when I come in that I MAY nurse, so I would like a corner if possible. They have opened up new sections for me to give me a comfortable place to nurse. I have nursed in front of the waiter and have him not blink an eye, even during latch on. The manager frequently comes over to greet us and talk with us, and he has also never flinched at my nursing. That is the kind of treatment I need to successfully nurse in public. I was at PF Changs once, and was in a center table, not a corner booth, and Lucas wanted to nurse. I nursed him there at the table. There was an older couple nearby, and she just smiled at me. No negative comments. Even though I know my rights, and would assert them if necessary, it would make me very upset and uncomfortable. For a person who is shyer than me, I could see how that would completely discourage her from even nursing in front of her own friends!

As for my community, I’m enough of a rebel, that I’m going to nurse in public no matter what. I’m lucky to have in-laws that are completely supportive of me nursing, even if I have to go “over the top.” My father in law was there the first time I ever tried to nurse my first child, and you know how much exposure there is at first. He never blinked an eye. Having family support really helped me normalize breastfeeding. I also live with a lot of immigrants. I’ve found that immigrants are much more accepting of breastfeeding and more likely to compliment me, especially for being an American who is nursing!

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6 responses to “Breastfeeding Carnival: Nursing in Public

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  3. theadventuresoflactatinggirl

    Great post! I love it when employees at restaurants are breastfeeding friendly!

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  5. StorkStories

    Fabulous! Great community support! Good story thanks!

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