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I was living in Davis, CA in 2001 when my first daughter was born. At the time, Davis had the highest per capita breastfeeding rates in the world, and was told that Davis was used in a WHO study on breastfeeding because of the high breastfeeding rates. My OB/GYN didn’t talk about feeding options. It was understood that I would breastfeed. I signed up for a birth class and a breastfeeding class. I even took a Breastfeeding for the Working Mother class! When my daughter was born, I was asked to participate in a study for a new product (which was eventually released as “Soothies”). Additionally, when I needed a nursing pillow, it was Davis, and not nearby Sacramento which is much, much larger, that had a nursing store (Mother and Baby Source) that sold nursing clothing, bras, accessories. My husband went to the nursing store to My Brest Friend for me. UC Davis has a “Human Lactation Center” with information and places to nurse for students! Davis was a city that was studied to revise the growth charts for babies. ( showing that formula fed babies are overweight. We baby wore our daughter in the Baby Bjorn on the numerous paths and bike trails that network through Davis. I never noticed nursing in public there, but that is probably because I have to look specifically for NIP to notice it, and I am notoriously oblivious to my surroundings.

When my daughter was born, although it was at Kaiser and in Sacramento, she was immediately placed on my chest, and no exams of her were made for quite a while. No eye drops immediately, I received nursing assistance. When I got home with her and needed further assistance, I received free assistance from the certified Lactation Consultant.

My other children were born in Bakersfield and Pasadena, and the experience was much different. I did not get immediate skin to skin contact with my two girls born in Bakersfield. The “lactation consultant” was just a nurse who wasn’t certified (who told me my milk hadn’t come in because it wasn’t spraying, and my breasts weren’t hard. My milk has never sprayed—ever—I don’t have that kind of let down, and if a baby is nursing frequently, the breasts may never get engorged!). In Pasadena, I had a c-section most likely based on bad practices. The lactation consultant was incompetent (our latch on was bad, but she kept telling me it looked fine, but I knew it was bad). Also I asked the nurse for the lactation consultant multiple times with no results. I had their number because they were located next to the gestational diabetes counselors, so I had taken their card weeks earlier, so I called them direct.

So, to me, a baby friendly community is one that treats breastfeeding and babies like they are a normal part of life. Not an inconvenience. Not an accessory, but real human beings with needs and wants.


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  2. I agree. When moms and babies both are treated humanely and with respect and kindness and caring we are fortunate enough to be able to say we live in a baby-friendly community. BTW, the links for your last 4 blog carnival participants aren’t working. 🙂

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