The Personalities of my children

My eight year old, Molly, loves to read.  She devours books.  She loves to watch DVD’s and Netflix Instant, but we rarely let her, so she reads. She has a natural ability to picture what she’s reading, and then likes to play based on those fictional worlds. After she read Charlotte’s Web, she got a rubber spider and named it Charlotte, and it’s her new favorite toy.  For her age, she’s a great writer.  People don’t open presents at Christmas, they “rrrriipppp” the paper.  People don’t “say” they “exclaim.”  She described her sister as “a solid little girl” because she is strong.


My six year old, Morgan, is learning to read.  She enjoys reading what she can, and will push herself to try to read above her level.  She is the diplomat.  She rarely asserts herself over her sisters, but when she feels something strongly, man, do you know it! She may be willing to give in, but she is NOT a push over. She is also a talented writer for a kindergartner.  She uses descriptive words.  Her teacher doesn’t correct spelling, so Morgan sounds out all sorts of words she normally wouldn’t write at her age.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell what she’s writing, but she knows.


My five year old, Maddie, is learning the sounds letters make.  She is wild.  Absolutely.  She’s very dramatic, and we worry about her.  She’s very, very loud all the time.  She likes to get her way, so she and Molly fight a lot, and since Molly is bigger, she will often use her size against Maddie (which she gets in trouble for).  Maddie is funny and likes to push her sister’s buttons.  She will make faces when Molly is tired, until Molly is screaming at her.  She will drape herself over her sister until they push her off.  But she’s very sensitive. Her feelings get really hurt when they don’t want to play with her, and sometimes, she ends up with mama because she is so sad.

My one year old, Lucas, is sweet and smart. He already knows to yell to get my attention.  He loves to try new food, but he wants to feed himself.  He loves popsicles.  He loves to chase after his sisters and be a part of the group.  He loves to climb stairs, and roam unfettered.  He loves to be naked.  He loves to take showers with me.  Lucas loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and strawberries, and orange slices, and lemons.

I can’t wait to see his personality mature.  Who is he going to be? 


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