My conversation today with Maddie.

Here’s my conversation with Maddie today:

Maddie: What’s 1+1?

Me: 2

Maddie: What’s 2+2?

Me: 4

Maddie: What’s 4+4

Me: 8

Maddie: No, it’s ten.

Me: No, it’s 8.

Maddie: What’s mouse + mouse?

Me: um, Cat.

Maddie: What’s Cat +Cat?

Me: Dog.

Maddie: What’s dog +dog?

Me: Goat

Maddie: <sigh> No it’s kitten.

Me: Why is it kitten?

Maddie: because I want it to be kitten.  What’s person + person?

Me: Baby

Maddie: Awww.  What’s Lucas + Lucas?

Me: umm, boy?

Maddie: No! BOOBS!!


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