Tiny update

First of all, thank you to all who have read my post on circumcisions.  Now that I’ve gone online and watched a video of a circumcision (i didn’t actually get through the whole thing; it made me ill), I am so happy I made the decision to follow Joe’s decision and leave Lucas intact.  I would be so unhappy to know he went through that kind of trauma.

Lucas is crawling like crazy now.  Having a hard time nursing him because he wants to be on the go all the time.  It’s like he’s been looking at the world for months and WANTING to just — get–over—there! 

Bought his first hat this weekend.  We’ve been using some old purple hats of his sisters, but saw an adorable green and brown one on sale for $7 at Nordstrom, so, there you go. 

Made lemon caper chicken with Risotto for dinner on Saturday.  We really do make it a lot.  With the heater in the house broken, it’s nice to heat up the house cooking, and not have any offensive cooking smells, either.

Nothing planned for tonight.  Have steaks or chicken.  I want polenta, but don’t know if I can stand at the stove stirring for a half an hour, either. 

Anyway, that’s my tiny update.


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  1. Thank you for not circumcising your son. He is one more intact male that will most likely never circumcise his sons. We are one step closer to breaking the cycle of infant circumcision.

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