Christmas Eve

Well, we did not fo Christmas Eve my way. We went to Disneyland. Surpisingly, the crowds were low. Molly got a birthday button when we got her birthday ticket, so when we stopped to buy fruit from the Main Street fruit stand, the barbershop quartet sang her a song about Molly. Very cool.

All daughters are tall enough to do all rides except for Indiana Jones. Their dad took them on Star Tours, while I nursed Lucas. Then while they went on Space Mountain, I got a rider switch pass, and played with Lucas while they stood in line. Then I rode it with Molly when they were done.

Joe took them on Matterhorn and Big Thunder, I took them on Dumbo and Pirates (Joe sat that one out with Morgan who is afraid of the shooting). We all tide Buzz Lightyear, Casey jr and Small World together.

Molly got a balloon and they all got lollipops. I nursed Lucas all over the park, & he slept in the stroller & in my arms at different times.

We normally eat at Carnation Cafe, but they closed at 3, so we ate at Pizza Port in Tomorrowland

We stayed about 7 hours, & a pleasant time was had by all. Got home in time to climb into bed before Santa’s arrival.


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