Christmas is coming . . .

Everytime I think of that song, Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat, I think of Miss Piggy.  (

Anyway, Christmas at our house is even more chaotic than normal.  My oldest daughter was born in Christmas Eve.  She came home the next day, Christmas afternoon, so she likes to hear the story of how she was the best Christmas present I ever received.    Our normal routine is I would work half a day on Christmas Eve.  Then I’d come home and cook dinner for my inlaws as they would come over for a birthday celebration, and we’d have birthday cake.  Christmas day was just for us.  A couple of early Christmases, my mother would come, but she hasn’t been here for Christmas in years (My dad never flew out for Christmas).

Anyway, this year, we had a birthday party for Molly last weekend with her friends, since she is now old enough to have that kind of party and not just a lame aunts and uncles party.  So, while I’m off all day on Christmas Eve, we will not be having a birthday party for Molly.  I’m picking up a Christmas cake from this great bakery near us (their cakes not only look good, they taste good–they can get a super smooth fondant look without the fondant).

We can do Christmas Eve my way.  Christmas Eve dinner is little mini sandwiches, potato skins, cheese and crackers, apple cider, popcorn.  Christmas day we’ll open presents, have pancakes, and open more presents, and then off to the inlaws house two hours away.   Now, when I was a kid, we all took turns opening presents and it was very controlled and quiet.  In our family, all the kids dive in at once, and there is a flurry of paper and squeals.  I’m not sure which I like better.  I like the slowness to appreciate everything, but the fast unwrapping looks like so much fun!

UNLESS, we go to Disneyland.  Yes, kind of late notice to know if we’re going to Disneyland or not.  We can get one free admission for the birthday, but it’s $72 for one day, one park admission!  YIKES!  Husband is a last minute kind of guy–not a planner, so it will be his decision, and I will suck it up.  It’s hard for me, a planner, to be spontaneous, but I’ll be spontaneous for Disneyland!

I’ll let you know what we decide.


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