Loss of a baby–not mine

A woman whom I’ve never met in Indiana lost her baby this week. It was not in a dramatic shootout or car crash. It wasn’t swine flu. She was 5 days old, and her name was Cora. Her mom, whom I only know as @ kristinebrite, had a healthy pregnancy. A healthy labor. She was breastfeeding. But their seemingly healthy baby had a heart problem they didn’t know about, and she passed away while nursing. I can’t get past the loss of this baby I never met from a woman I’ve never met.

I have four children. I had one miscarriage on September 10, 2000. That Christmas, I was so sad because I had planned for it to be the last Christmas I would spend without a baby, and then when I got pregnant in March 2001, I was paranoid the whole pregnancy. But I was lucky. I had four successful pregnancies, and four healthy babies. I still worry that something will happen to make me lose one, buy every day is a joy.

I am so, so sorry that Kristine lost her Cora. I wish I could make it not happen. It’s not fair, this life.


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